is now running 2.0.3

We’ve bailed from Alpha business for a bit and are on the current release. It’s all groovy.

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And now we have spell check

Stopping by to check out the spell check that will be part of the Word-press 2.1 core.  This is nice allthough you can only spell check the body… Grrr, I really wish someone would update the spellbound plugin for Firefox. Currently running the latest alpha release 2.0.1 over at 

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Who is the DataPoohbah?

You’d like to know wouldn’t you? Fact is I can’t tell you, it’s a secret.

The DataPoohbah wanders through the IT world righting wrongs, standing up for the misfortunes of many, and commenting on lots of things that just stick out as painfully wrong and obvious to him.

You’ll often find him standing around looking at someone scratching his head thinking “WTF ?!?” someone pays this person to do this or that job? How? Why?

He can be opinionated and brutally honest, which over the years has made him friends and cost him others but he’s OK with that. The truth hurts ya know?

You’ll find rantings, musings and general observations by him and his compadre’s here


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